Baltimore, October 1980

All he has to do is as subtle as closing and extracting tools.Be careful not to move when may opens the drawer.

A pair of glasses, a small box, a brush, a bottle of lipstick, a bottle of hand cream... What about the damn folder?He picked up a pile of papers, put them on the table and studied them one by one.The guest list finally appeared, and may felt the risk of adding two names to the list made her heart beat faster.

"Don't be nervous, may," he whispered, "you're almost there.

He looked at the clock on the wall and could stay for another 15 minutes without exposing himself.What if Miss Verdi reached her climax earlier today?

-Don't think about it. She won't give up the preliminaries when she goes so far. If she is quick, she will be satisfied by herself.

May looked at the typewriter on the desk. It was the classic Underwood.He put the blade on the stand, lifted the pole, and turned the wheels between the rows.The paper is rolled around the reel before it is rolled up.

May starts typing in the pseudonym she wants, one for her and one for Sally Anne. Here's the address of the post office she opened last week at central manor.There is no doubt that one day the police will examine the list carefully to find out the perpetrators.But pseudonyms that don't have an actual address do not provide any clues.He hit the first one with a slight click of the hammer.Then he carefully manipulated the lever of the carriage, trying to avoid the jingle of a change of line.Nevertheless, it rang.

Miss Verdi?Are you back?

The sound came from the next room.May stood up and was terrified.He slowly knelt down and curled up in the fetal position under the table.He heard footsteps approaching, the door opened, and Mr. Steinfeld put his hand on the handle and looked up.

Miss Verdi?

The office was as neat as ever, his secretary was the embodiment of order, and he hardly noticed the typewriter.Thank goodness Miss Verdi never left, leaving a leaf in the car.He shrugged, closed the door, and muttered that it was his imagination.

It took a few minutes for May's hand to stop shaking.In fact, he was shaking all over, which he had never been so afraid of in his life.

The tick of the clock on the wall restored his composure.Ten minutes at the most.In just 10 minutes, you can type in your middle name and address, put your worksheet back in place, lock the drawer, pull out the lock, and leave home before the secretary comes back.May is late. It's time to Meet Sally Anne. She'll be worried.

-Focus, damn it, you don't have time to waste.

One key, one key, another... If the old man next door hears the click of the keyboard, he won't be content to peek this time.

All right, all right.He was left with the blade and only the roller was released.Put it in the middle of a pile of papers, line them up neatly, and put them on the carpet so that there is no noise.Put them in a drawer, close them, hold your breath as you turn the lock, hear the click of the piston, when your heart beats in your temples, when your forehead is sweating, it's not easy... One more millimeter.

-Take it easy, may. If it's locked, everything will be a mess.

He was stopped many times in rehearsal.

He finally took it out, put it in his pocket, picked up a tissue and wiped his hands and forehead.If the housekeeper saw her sweating, he would have doubted.


Baltimore, October 1980

He invited her to sit in the armchair with a look of regret."Miss Verdi is out for a moment," he added, adding that she would be back soon.He gave her a soda.May thanks him, but he's not thirsty.The housekeeper left her alone in the luxurious room next to Mr. Steinfeld's secretary's office.

In the little living room, between the two velvet armchairs, there was a night watchman to match the curtains.An orbson carpet was decorated with dark beech floors, the walls were covered with wood, and a small glass spider hung from the ceiling.

It took him ten minutes to show up in the hall, climb the big stairs on the first floor and walk down the long corridor to the hall.Sometimes she has to be a pornographic secretary before she comes back home.As Sally Anne and she rehearse her plans, she should be happy to think about what she's doing in a dark massage parlor downtown.But now she has to go into her office and make a raid, which will make her actually break the law and she feels insecure.If they find her, they will call the police and the police will tie up all the ropes soon.They won't accuse her of just breaking in.But I shouldn't think so now. My mouth is dry. I should take the glass of water from the housekeeper, but I will waste too much time.Stand up and walk to the door.Turn the door handle and go in.

That's what she did, and her determination surprised her.It's like an automaton programmed to perform a very precise task.

As soon as he entered the door, he closed it gently.The owner of the house was probably in the next room, and he didn't know his assistant was not there.

She looked around the office and was surprised at the modern decor, in sharp contrast to what she knew about the decor of other rooms in the house.A replica of a photo frame adorns the wall in front of a clean wooden table.This may not be a replica.I don't have time to find out.He moved the armchair away, knelt down in front of the drawer and took out the unlocking device hidden in the paper towel from his pocket.

He trained a thousand times on the same kind of furniture and learned to pry locks without breaking them.Yale cam drum lock, an acquaintance of Sally Anne recommended and sold a half stone pry lock.The end angle is large, and the bottom is narrow, which is easy to enter and exit.He recalled the lesson: avoid scratching the interior, so as not to leave iron filings, which can block mechanical devices and leave signs of crime;With the handle level relative to the bulb, slowly insert the unloader, touch the pistons, and gently apply pressure to each piston to lift it without damaging the piston.He reached the first one, and then slowly lifted his head to the third.Mei held her breath, slowly turned the rotor of the lock, and finally released the drawer.


Baltimore, October 1980

The bicycle climbed the hillside.Every time Sally Anne accelerates, the rear wheels splash mud.A few more turns and you'll see the house.May soon saw elegant black fences with metal tips protecting the steinfelds.The closer they got, the more she held on to Sally Anne's waist. She grabbed it hard. She laughed and cried to the wind:

-I was scared, too, but that's why the adventure was so exciting.

The snore of the victory engine was too loud for May to hear the whole sentence. She only heard the words "fear" and "excitement". That's what she thought.Of course, that's the definition of a perfect relationship, in the same wave as another person.

Sally Anne shifted gears, tilted the machine to the last 180 degree turn and accelerated at the corner.He steered the victory with agility, which was envied by any motorcycle rider.The last straight line, the house is now visible on the top of the hill.He ruled the whole valley with pride.Only the new rich and the new rich can appreciate such luxury goods, but the steinfelds are one of the most famous families.

It's even part of the ancient city.It is said that they began to accumulate wealth by exploiting slaves who worked the land;Others, on the other hand, believe that they were the first to release them, and that some family members paid for the incident with their own blood.Stories vary from region to region.

Sally Anne left triumph in a parking lot for employees.He turned off the engine, took off his helmet and turned to may, who was falling off her bicycle.

-You're right in front of the service door and call to say you've met Miss Verdi.

If he's at home?

-If so, I would have a gift for being everywhere, because the woman you see driving a black Ford is Miss Verdi.I told you that at 11 o'clock every day, he would take a break, get in his beautiful car and go downtown for a massage... Well, it's a way of talking, because he's not just doing a massage.

-How do you know that?

-I've been following her for the last few weeks, and when I tell you I'm following her, trust me, she's been close so you can stay calm.

-You don't bring bad habits to...

-We don't have time to talk. Mae, Verdi has a hard time reaching orgasm, but in 45 minutes, he'll have an early morning orgasm. He'll come back after a bacon sandwich and a coke in the bar next door to recover.Now, come on, you know the plan, we've rehearsed a thousand times.

Mei stands in front of her friend;Sally Anne noticed her lack of security, so she hugged her and told her that she was beautiful and that everything would be OK.I'll wait for you in the parking lot.

May crossed the road and stood in front of the service door, where newspapers, food, drinks and flowers and everything Mrs. Steinfeld or her son bought in the city entered.He politely told the housekeeper who came to open the door that he was dating Miss Verdi for an interview.As Sally Anne foresaw, the employee was impressed by the natural authority of the British accent she had just imitated. She asked nothing, just let it go.She realized that she had arrived before the date because she shouldn't have people like her waiting in the lobby, so she took her, like Sally Anne, into a small living room on the first floor.


October 2016, Croydon, London suburb

Ray bends down to open the door: Michelle comes in, kisses her father, ties her seat belt, and puts her hands on her knees.When the car started, he gazed at the road, and two blocks later, he finally laughed.

-I'm glad we have dinner together, but we seldom go to Maggie's.

Why is this strange, son?He wants to know about ray.

-Maggie never cooks, so it's strange.

-I think I know what's going on tonight. He ordered pizza.

"Ah, that's not so strange, but even so," Michelle continued to look at a girl across the street.

"Yes," Ray whistled.

"It's a bit out of proportion," Michelle said.

-What do you say, but it's a cannon!

-In 2016, the average height of an individual female was 1.70 meters and that of a female was at least 1.85 meters.So, she's tall.

-If you say that, but at your age, I would appreciate the mismatch.

-I'd rather be...

-Come down!

Yes, then, come down.

Favorite color, right?

-Maybe, but I don't understand what it matters.

It's an expression, Michelle.It's used to say there's a lot of variation in taste.

-Yes, it seems logical, but it's not the first expression you use, it doesn't make any sense, it's the second expression.It fits what I see.

The Austin entered the boulevard with all the vehicles.Another drizzle, typical of British rain, left the glittering sidewalk in a few minutes.

-I think your sister is going to announce her marriage.

-Which one?I have two.

Maggie, I think.

Oh, why do you think so?

-From the instinct of parents, listen to me.If I tell you now, there's a reason.When I announced this to us, I wanted you to know that it was good news, so you showed joy.


Because if you don't, your sister will be very sad.When people tell you something that makes you happy, they want you to share their happiness.


-Because it's a way to show people our love.

Yes, I understand.Is marriage good news?

-It's not easy to answer this question.In principle, yes.

-Where will your future husband be?

You never know.

-Which one?I have two.

-I know you have two. I'm in charge of your birth. I remember you. Well, of course, your mother.

-Where's mom?

-No, your mom's not here.You know why, I've explained it many times.

-Yes, I know, because he's dead.

-Yes, because he died.

Michelle looked out of the window and looked back at her father.

-Was it good news when you and your mother got married?

-Good news, kid.If I could go back, I would have married her.So it's good news for Maggie;I believe our family has a gift for a happy marriage.

Oh, yes.I'll check it out at the University tomorrow, but I don't think it's hereditary.

-And you, Michelle, are you happy?Ray asked gently

-Yes, I think so... I'm Maggie. I'm going to get married. I know it's going to be a happy marriage, because our family has this talent, but I'm still a little afraid to see your husband.

-What are you afraid of?

I don't know if we'll get along.

-You know him.He's Fred. He's a tall, nice man. We went to his bar for dinner a few times.Well, I think she's going to marry him, even though you never know your sister.

-It's a pity your mother couldn't come the night your daughter announced her marriage.

-Which one?"I have two," Ray replied with a smile.

Michelle thought for a moment, and then she laughed.


October 2016, Croydon, London suburb

She likes the idea of having dinner with the children, but she prefers to go to her house.Ray never liked to go out. At his age, people don't change anymore.He took his American spikelet out of the closet.I'm going to pick up Michelle, and it's going to be an opportunity to drive his old Austin.Since he left home, he didn't take them to the supermarket for five minutes.His doctor told him to walk at least 15 minutes a day, which is essential for his joints.His joints were ignored, but since he became a widower, he no longer knew what to do with his body.When he looked in the mirror, he plucked up his courage and combed his hair back with his hands.He grew old by accident, but he missed his mane when he was young.The government's money spent on useless wars is best invested in something to prevent baldness.If he could go back to 30, he would persuade his wife to use his chemistry talents in science rather than as a teacher.I'll come up with a magic formula, they'll get rich and spend their old age in the best hotels in the world.

He changed his mind and picked up the raincoat.Traveling alone as a widower is sadder, and he doesn't like to go out.It was Maggie's first dinner at home.Maybe I'll tell them she's getting married?She soon wondered if she was fit enough to wear a tuxedo.In the worst case, she would go on a diet. As long as Maggie gave her time to lose two or three pounds, five pounds at the most, she didn't have to go too far. She picked up some Michelin everywhere. There was almost nothing. She kept quite a good figure.Maggie couldn't wait to announce to him that the wedding would be held next weekend.What gift can I buy her?He noticed that his eyelids were drooping a little, and he pressed his fingertips under his right eye, and saw that it revived him, but he also looked a little silly.He can stick two pieces of enthusiasm under his eyes, which will be a laughing stock for everyone.Ray made a few faces in the mirror and began to laugh.He took off his hat, threw the car key into the air and left home with the enthusiasm of a young man.

Austin smells like dust. It's an old-fashioned, only the most elegant smell from a collection car.His neighbors protested that the A60 ranch could not be considered like this, but it was pure jealousy!Until now, where are the real rosewood watches.When did ray buy it?The twins are not yet born.Of course, they were not born. When they met again, he drove the car to the station to meet his wife.Think about that car that's been with you all your life... How many miles did you drive in Austin?224653, one more when I get to Michelle's.If that's not a collection car... Your neighbor is a jerk!

He found it impossible to stare at the co pilot's seat without seeing his wife's ghost.I still see her bending down to fasten her seat belt.I never put it on him and yelled, accusing him of shortening it, making him joke and making him feel fat.I did do it two or three times, but no more.Well, maybe others will. Now I'm thinking.If only someone could bury him in the car.But, well, the cemetery needs to be expanded substantially, which is not very environmentally friendly.

Ray parked in front of Michelle's building.He honked twice, and while waiting, he began to watch pedestrians on the glittering sidewalk.People don't complain about the rain in Britain. No country is so green.

A couple caught his attention.The man didn't look very happy.If there is a God, it is the one who should be a widower, not ray.The world is really bad.Why does Michelle always take so long to leave home?He had to turn off all the gas except the gas, which he had to turn off for a long time.The board is old.I'll change Michelle one day when she's at work.I'll tell him once it's done.He finally arrived, wearing his summer raincoat, and Michelle couldn't persuade him to change.


London suburb of Beckham, October 2016

"This article is very clever," I said.It's impossible to know who wrote about men or women.

-Whether it's a man or a woman, he's crazy.The only sensible suggestion in this letter is to destroy it...

-Don't talk to anyone about her, especially you...

-It's good that you don't follow him.

-Or dad.

-Well, you'd better follow him, because I don't worry about that nonsense anymore.

-Don't always tell me what I shouldn't do, my sister is me!

-What's the matter? More than a year gives you a higher IQ?If it didn't come to my house, it wouldn't have been for you.

-I got it the day before yesterday.

Maggie pulled a chair and sat opposite me.He left the letter in the envelope.

Table.He stroked her and appreciated the quality of the paper.

He let me go.

-I don't know... But if it's all lies, why would anyone waste their time writing these things?I replied.

-Because there are madmen everywhere who are willing to do anything to hurt others.

-It's not me, Maggie.You would say my life is boring, but as far as I know, I have no enemies.

No one you hurt?

-I want to go, but I can't see anything over there.

-What about the reporter?

-I can never do such a shameful thing.Besides, we are friends.

-How does the author of this shit know my name?

-He knows about it and more about us.If he didn't mention Michelle, it was because...

Maggie put the lighter on the table.

-I'm sure you won't disturb our brother.

So you know what Michelle looks like."It's a little scary," he said suddenly.

What should we do?I asked him.

-Nothing. We don't do anything. It's the best way not to play your game.

We get rid of this crap and move on with our lives.

-Did you see mom had a lot of money when she was a child?It doesn't make sense. It's always hard for us to make ends meet.If she is really rich, why should we live in the narrow?

"Don't exaggerate. We're not that poor. We've never been short of anything," Maggie replied angrily.

You never miss anything, you don't hear a lot of things.

Oh, yes, what?

-Well, that's the price we pay to make a living.Do you think mom teaches private lessons for fun, or does Dad mark manuscripts on weekends?

-I am an editor and my mother is a teacher;I thought that was part of your job.

-No, it's more than six. It's nothing to do with his work.Do you believe they will go to the Caribbean during the holidays when they send us to camp?No, they're working.My mother even served as a receptionist in a hospital.

mom?Maggie was stunned and repeated

-Three years in a row, when you're 13, 14 and 15.

Why do you know I don't?

Because I asked them about it.You see, it's a year.

"No, then," he continued, "it's meaningless for us to hide wealth.

Even if wealth does not necessarily mean money.

-If this is not a real fortune, why does the writer imply that it is not the result of inheritance?

-He also suggests that we should be good at research, perhaps a way to show that his prose is more subtle than it seems.

-There could be a lot.Throw the letter away and forget you received it.

-Yes, of course!I know you. You won't ruin dad's house in two days.

Maggie picked up the lighter and lit the cigarette.He took a deep breath and exhaled vertically.

"All right," he said finally.Tomorrow, have dinner at my house.You're in charge of cooking. I'm in charge of calling dad.Just to stay calm, but I believe it's a waste of time.

-You'll order pizza tomorrow, and we'll interrogate Dad together.But we have to be careful, because Michelle will come too.


London suburb of Beckham, October 2016

Everything seems normal, but nothing.Maggie leaned against the doorframe and rolled a dead cigarette with her finger.Something told him that opening it would take effect on the nonsense he had just read.

She sat in my chair, like a student in the front row, not wanting to arouse the teacher's anger. She held the letter in her hand and was almost in a religious coma.

Maggie ordered me.

Please, please.I couldn't help correcting her.

-Who is standing on the other in the middle of the night?So don't hit me, do me a favor...

How can Maggie afford to rent a two bedroom apartment while I, a man with a real job, can hardly afford to read?Obviously, our parents should help her.If I continue to take care of my mother after her death, it's because my father is very angry. That's what bothers me.One day I'll ask her at a family dinner.Yes, I was thinking that one day I would have the courage to stand up in front of my sister once and for all, put her in her place when she said something wrong to me, and a lot of other things, and I would try not to think about that letter, which would be reread to Maggie when she had just ordered me.

-The cat ate your tongue, Rigby?

I hate Maggie's shortening my name and removing her feminine part.She knows it.No matter how much we love each other, we are difficult to get along with.When we were children, we sometimes tore our hair into a lock when we quarreled, which was worse in adolescence.We had a fight until Michelle grabbed his head with her hand, as if the evil distilled from his sister's evil whipped him in his temple and made him suffer.Then we put the discussion aside. We had forgotten the motive of the discussion. In order to convince him that it was just a game, we hugged him and pretended that we were playing running. We happily pulled him together.

Maggie, I don't think it has any effect on my hair.On the contrary, I longed for her black hair. In school, her indomitable beauty and composure could have avoided a lot of ridicule.We face everything, but if one of us is criticized by a stranger or our parents, the other reaches out and shows his teeth, ready to bite to protect her sister.I sighed and began to read aloud.

Dear Eleanor

I'm sorry to call you that, but I think the compound name is too long. Although your name is beautiful, it is not the subject of this letter.

I think you must have experienced the sudden death of your mother, which is a deep injustice.She was born a grandmother and died in the bed of a very old woman, surrounded by her family, and she gave a lot.She is an amazing woman with a high intelligence and can do the best and the worst, but you only know the best.

That's what happened. We knew nothing about our parents, only what they wanted to tell us, what we wanted to see from them, and we forgot because it was natural that they had their own lives before us.I mean, they have their own lives, they know the pain of young people and their lies.They also have to get rid of the shackles, the shackles.The question is: how do they do it?

For example, 35 years ago, his mother resigned for a sizable fortune.But that wealth was not the result of an inheritance.So, under what conditions do you get it?Is it yours or did you steal it?If he didn't steal, why give up?If you are interested, it is your responsibility to answer all these questions.If so, I suggest that you investigate wisely.As you can imagine, a woman as sensible as her mother would not hide her inner secrets in an easy to find place.When I found out that my problem was based on evidence, I knew your reaction was not to believe me, and in the first place, you had to come to me because I lived on the other side of the earth.But now I have to think about it.He has a lot of homework to do.

Please forgive me for being anonymous and don't think it's cowardice if I do it for yourself.

I strongly recommend that you don't talk to anyone about this letter, Maggie or her father, just read it and tear it up.It's no use keeping it.Believe my words are sincere;I extend my best wishes to you and my deepest sorrow for being late.


Sally Anne

When he left the attic, he had to face the big stairs.One hundred and twenty very steep steps lead to three dimly lit staircases, a light bulb hanging from a braided wire, and there is a faint halo in that abyss.Putting it down is a reckless game;Pull her up. It's like torture.Sally Ann does it twice a day.The forklift stopped.His mottled rusty old railings mingled with the ochre walls.

When Sally Anne opened the door of the building, the muddy clarity of the dock always dazzled her.The warehouse is surrounded by old red bricks.At the end of a stake blown down by the sea wind, a high crane is used to load the containers of the last cargo ship to dock in this apparently lowered port.The community has yet to meet the gentrification of skilled promoters.At that time, only those abandoned spaces were selected as homes. These spaces were artists, musicians or apprentices of budding painters. There were no pennies of young people with their father's children. There were lonely revelers who had legal problems.The nearest grocery store is 10 minutes away by motorcycle.

Sally Anne has a Bonneville victory of 650 cubic centimeters, and if you're really crazy and want that guy to play you like that, you can go over 160 centimeters an hour.The blue and white sediment is due to an unforgettable drop when he is still learning how to tame the beast.

A few days ago, his parents suggested that he leave town to explore the world.Her mother scribbled a check, tore it out of the checkbook with a subtle gesture, highlighted her perfect nail, and handed it to her daughter so that she ignored her.

Sally Anne considered the money and imagined spending it on revelry and alcohol, but in the end, she felt more uneasy about the distance her family had imposed on her, rather than to make up for the mistake she had not made, and decided to retaliate.She was so determined to succeed that one day they would regret rejecting her.This is undoubtedly an ambitious project, but Sally Anne has unparalleled intelligence, beautiful figure and rich address book.In his family, success is measured by his bank account and the wealth he can show off.Sally Anne has never been short of money, but she has never been attracted.She likes to be surrounded, and from a very young age, she accidentally bothers her family by dating people who don't belong to her.Sally Anne has her faults, but it must be admitted that her faults are sincere friendship.

There was a strange blue in the sky, which should not make him forget that it rained all night.On motorcycles, wet lanes are unforgivable.Victory swallowed the asphalt, and Sally Anne felt the heat of the engine between her calves.Driving that machine gave him an unparalleled sense of freedom.

At a distant crossroad, she saw a lonely telephone booth on the uninhabited land.He glanced at the dial of his watch, which poked out between the buttons of his glove, and slowed down.Stop on the sidewalk, put the bicycle on the sidewalk.He needs to make sure that his associates are on time.

Five timarmas, probably already answered.Sally Anne felt a knot in her throat, and at last she heard a click.

Is everything all right?

"Yes," the voice replied, laconica.

-I'll be right there.Are you ready?

-I think so, but it's too late to quit now, right?

Why should we quit?Asked Sally Anne

May could have listed all the reasons she had in mind.Your plan is too risky. Is it really worth the risk?If I don't erase everything that happened, why take revenge.If things don't go as planned, if they find out?Two convictions are too much for them.But if she was willing to take the risk, it was for her friends, not for her, so may shut up.

"Don't be late," Sally Anne insisted.

A police car passed by, and Sally Anne held her breath, thinking she had to fight the unrest, because if she didn't, what would happen to her when it really happened?Now he has nothing to blame. His bike is well parked and it's not illegal to use a phone booth.The patrol car was too far away, and the driving officer took the time to give him an attractive look."What did I miss!He wants to hang up.

He took another look at his watch: he would be at Steinfeld's door in 20 minutes, leave home an hour ago, and come back half an hour later.90 minutes, they'll change everything for May and her.He got on the motorcycle, banged his heel on the engine, and then set off again.

On the other side of the city, may is putting on her coat.He found that the diamond opener was still wrapped in a tissue at the bottom of his right pocket and paid the locksmith.As he left the building, he noticed the cold.The bare branches of the poplar tree crunched in the wind.He stretched his collar and went to the station to wait for the bus.

She sat by the window, looking at her reflection, combing her hair back and tying her hair clips.In the front two rows of seats, a man was listening to a Chet Baker song on a small radio on his knee.The back of his head swayed to the slow rhythm of the song.The man sitting next to him flipped through the newspaper loudly, trying to make him angry, just as my funny valentine's day seemed to make him angry.

"It's the most beautiful song I've ever heard," whispered her neighbor in her seat.

May thought she was more sad than beautiful, or in between.He stopped after six stops, at the foot of the mountain as planned.Sally Anne is already waiting for her on her bike.He gave her a helmet and waited for her to sit down and pack.The engine roared and triumphantly climbed the slope.


My name is Donovan.

You may remember my name.My parents are fans of the Beatles.

Eleanor Rigby is the title of a song written by Paul McCartney.

My father didn't like me telling him that he spent his youth in the last century, but in the 1960s, rock fans were divided into two groups: the rolling stones and the Beatles.You can't like these two groups for a reason I don't understand.

When my parents were 17, they first flirted in a London bar near Abbey Road.The whole hall was singing "all you need is love," staring at the TV screen, where the Beatles concert was played.With 700 million viewers, their infatuation was enough to make their relationship unforgettable.You won't be able to see it in a few years.However, because life is full of surprises, they find themselves in a rather funny environment, nearly 30 years old.I was conceived 13 years after her first kiss.They take their time.

It happened that my father's sense of humor had almost no boundaries in the family, which attracted my mother, who decided to call me Eleanor Rigby when she went to register my birth certificate.

This is the song we've been listening to when we made you up. He told me that one day it was to prove myself.A detail I didn't want to know, a situation I didn't want to imagine.I can say that my childhood was very difficult;But that's not true. I never knew how to lie.My family is a dysfunctional family, they are all.There are two kinds of people who don't know what they are.

Dysfunctional but happy, sometimes almost too much.At home, it is impossible to say anything serious without being laughed at.There is an absolute willingness not to take anything seriously, even if it is something that may cause serious consequences.

I have to admit that it often irritates me.My parents often blame each other for our conversations, meals, parties, childhood, the childhood of my brother (born 20 minutes before me) and my sister Maggie.

Maggie, the seventh A-side song from the album Let it go, has a heart like a house, a character who struggles for what, and a person who is infinitely selfish in daily matters.This is not incompatible.

If you really have a problem, Maggie will always be there.If it's 4 a.m. and you refuse to ride in the car of two friends who are drunk and can't drive, he'll take Austin's key from dad, pick you up at the other end of town in his pajamas, and by the way, he'll leave two friends at home after a fight, even if they're two years older than her.But try to steal a piece of toast from your plate at breakfast, and your arm will ache for days;Don't expect me to put the milk in the refrigerator.Why my parents always treat her as a princess is still a mystery to me.His mother had a morbid worship of him, and his Benjamin was destined to do great things.Maggie will become a doctor or a lawyer, or even both. She will save widows and orphans and eliminate hunger in the world... In short, she is a spoiled child and the whole family must take care of her future.

My twin brother, Michelle, is the seventh song in rubber soul, although the name is feminine on the controversial album.The gynecologist didn't see his little tail in the ultrasound.It seems that we are too close.People are wrong.The surprise of childbirth.But the name was chosen and it doesn't change.My brother spent the first three years of his life in a room with pink walls and a ribbon of Alice chasing rabbits.Myopia can have unexpected consequences for gynecologists.

Well educated people and hypocrites will vaguely tell you that Michelle is a little special.Prejudice is the inherent quality of people who believe that they know everything.Michelle lives in a world that doesn't know about violence, meanness, hypocrisy, injustice or evil.For doctors, it's a chaotic world, but for him, everything and every idea has its own place;In such a spontaneous and sincere world, I feel that maybe we are special, let alone abnormal.These doctors never really knew if he had Asperger's or if he was completely different.In fact, it's not easy, but Michelle is an incredibly sweet person, as rational as himself, and an indelible source of laughter.Just as I don't know how to lie, Michelle can't think without saying what she thinks.At the age of four, when he finally decided to speak, he stood in line at the supermarket's cashier and asked a woman in a wheelchair where he had found the carriage.His mother heard his last words and was shocked. First, she hugged him and gave him a kiss. Then she stood up like a tomato.It's just the beginning...

My parents have been in love since the night they met.There was a cold winter morning between them, just like all couples, but they always reconciled, respected each other and, above all, admired each other.One day, after I broke up with a man I still love, when I asked them how they spent their lives, my father replied, "a love story is the meeting of two people who are willing to give, give and give."


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